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Partnering with Phee's Original Goods gives your company or community the ability to leave your mark with sincerity. We work with you to offer custom branded items and collaboratively designed pieces.
We offer two options for customizing our products with your logo, and will help you choose the right one based on your budget, and the product you'd like.

Option 1: Brass Stamp

We order a brass stamp with your logo or image of your choice. You pay a one-time fee to purchase the stamp, which we keep on hand to allow for re-orders whenever required. Once we have the stamp, we can deboss your logo onto any one of our products at our wholesale cost and minimums with no extra fee.
The brass stamp is debossed onto our Wickett & Craig leather, creating a deep imprint which will last as long as the piece.
Pricing for a custom brass stamp can range from $100-$200 depending on the size, and if it's a rush order. A more accurate estimation will be made prior to your commitment.

Option 2: Rubber Stamp

Using high-quality archival ink, we can order custom rubber stamps with your logo or image. This is a more budget-friendly option. The placement of the inked logo goes on the inside, or flesh-side of the leather (for example, inside a Valet Tray, facing up).
Due to the placement and black ink colour, there are some limitations to this option, however we'd love to talk about how we can make it work for you. It's well suited to the valet trays, coasters and key capes.
Pricing for rubber stamps can range from $20-$70, depending on size. A more accurate estimation will be made prior to your commitment.