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Our history

Flick through the next few slides to find out more about our journey. From the humble beginnings of a Tandy DIY kit, to make-shift basement leather workshops and everything in between.

it all started with

a belt

Anyone who's driven Cape Breton's Cabot Trail has seen the Leatherworks Studio. Owned by John Roberts at the time, I was blown away by the level of his craft. It was one of his braided belts that got me hooked. I was itching to make one for myself, so I got a beginners kit and started learning for myself.

I still haven't made of those belts, but I have been lucky enough to work with, learn from and enjoy a coffee or two with John over the years. A nicer man you can't find. You'll find Leatherworks under the care of Jolene today and still making beautifully handcrafted goods.

Maybe I'll make that belt some day.

Idle hands led to

Working with clo

In the spring of 2016 I was working construction, building skateparks, and skating a lot. Just as construction season was starting that year I broke my foot while skating and had to lay low for a few months.

In my downtime I turned to leather working and looked up Kyle Closen, a leatherworker in downtown Edmonton. I hobbled into his shop just as he was in need of an extra set of hands and took to working at Clo's General Leather Co. as I was healing up.

This internship was invaluable and helped me set my sights on where I am today.

From Collingwood to

The Customs House

Labour day weekend, Robyn and I had the half-ton Hyundai packed to the roof and headed east from Ontario to Cape Breton.

We pulled up to the Customs House a few days later, ready to move into the "broom closet".

The Customs House was an incredible experience and gave us our first crack at running a shop, curating a space, and getting Phee's Original Goods off the ground.

If you find yourself in Port Hawkesbury be sure to stop in and see what's happening there these days!

back to where it all began

Sydney, NS

We rolled into Sydney at lunch time the day after a big snowstorm, full of piss and vinegar and raring to go. Our new workshop was double the size, with two windows overlooking George Street, and the barn I'd first started leatherwork in all those years ago. The move was just a few weeks before the pandemic hit and we had no idea what we were in for.

Thankfully, you wonderful folks pulled through for us little guys. After being closed for over a month, we reopened and have kept busier than we've ever been. So much so that we've had to move into an even bigger workshop where you'll find us today.

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