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Our Materials

No Two Pieces Are Identical

Every hide of leather we use is unique and feature natural variations from hide to hide. Because we use full-grain and top grain leathers, you can often see natural markings such as scarring, blemishes, branding and stretch marks. Each mark tells a story that you add to as you use your goods. Something else to keep in mind is that each hide of leather takes on dyes a little differently. Because of this, there can be slight colour differences between hides - such is the beauty of working with a natural material. This means that your piece is completely unique to you.

Full-Grain Veg-Tan Leather

For all of our wallets, home & lifestyle goods and most keychains, we use full-grain veg-tanned Italian leather. This tanning process (called veg-tanning) is the most eco-friendly of all tanning processes. This creates a rich colour and smooth leather of superior quality that will age and patina beautifully for years to come.

Water Buffalo Leather

The leather we use for our belts, straps, and some keychains is a top grain, water buffalo hide. This leather is tanned using the same vegetable tanning process as our wallet leather, however during the tanning process for water buffalo hides, they are not stretched as much as cow hides which increases their strength and makes them more suited to belts and straps.

Kodiak Leather

We use an oil-tanned Kodiak hide which is vdry supple and soft, making it ideal for bags. Kodiak has a great pull-up characteristic. This means that as you crease, wrinkle, and scratch the leather, it will show in beautiful contrasting highlights. It gives great depth and character to the bag. As all high-quality leathers do, Kodiak will darken and scratch over time, creating a beautiful patina - something which is revered by lovers of leather goods.

Waxed Duck Canvas

There’s a reason that leather and waxed canvas work so well together. The tightly woven cotton canvas is durable and water-repellent thanks to the non-toxic wax treatment. It’s thick, it's strong, and it also patinas - a bit like leather. As you use and abuse your product, you’ll see wear points darken and start to get a little shiny. A badge of honour after putting in the time with your Goods.


We use solid brass hardware as much as possible. There are some pieces that we cannot source in brass (keyrings for example), but they are few and far between. Solid brass runs significantly more expensive than other common metal hardware and is difficult to find. However, it’s well worth the hunt as it lasts a lifetime and ages beautifully.

Leather Care

By using top quality leathers and materials, the Goods you receive are ready to go, without needing any care. If you notice any drying out of your goods we recommend Smith's Leather Balm to restore, protect and give new life to your leather goods. And as always we back our work against manufacturing defects for the life of the product so feel free to reach out if there’s an issue with your goods that you’d like us to have a look at