Do you do custom pieces?

We do, however during our busier seasons we'll slow down on custom orders. 

Can I get a name or initials put on something?

Yup! Under the "PRODUCT" section, look for "PERSONALIZATION". Add this to your cart and leave us a note on what you'd like to have personalized. The font we use is a small, all caps font. 


I don't see X on the site.. or X is sold out.. do you not make X's anymore?

Chances are, we don't have any X's in stock or X's picture is outdated and we haven't got around to making and shooting a photo of one. Send us an email ( PheesOriginalGoods@gmail.com ) and let us know what you're looking for. We can probably get you what you need.


Do you ship outside of the Canada, there 'eh bud?

Yes we do, bud! If you have trouble ordering internationally through our website just shoot us an email ( PheesOriginalGoods@gmail.com ) and we'll get your goods shipped!


What's the status on my custom order?

Even the simplest custom orders can be very time consuming. We've most likely got it on the workbench and are picking away at it so hang tight. We do really appreciate your patience and understanding. We put a lot of trial, care, and craftsmanship into every piece that leaves our shop so bare with us and we'll get you a piece that lasts a lifetime.