Sometimes there is a good reason to make things personal. Add name, initials, or a dirty word.


How do we personalize items?

It's pretty easy, with big thanks to Leather Stamp Maker. This company sell letter sets, as well as making our logos and stamps for custom work.

We have a brass letter set with letters which sit 1/4" tall, in a sans serif font and all caps. Pretty classic. You give us a name, initials or swear word, and we deboss it on the leather. Sometimes, we put it straight on the product. Other times, we pop it on a name tag with rivets. Feel free to give us a shout to discuss how it will look on your Goods.

How do I order a name or initials on a product?

All you gotta do is add the product you want AND the "Custom Lettering" product (above) to your cart. When you're ready to purchase, you'll see a notes section during checkout. Just pop in there what you want on your Goods. Make sure you give us a valid email or phone number when checking out, so we can contact you if need be for clarification.

Also, make sure you do a quick spell check before submitting.