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The perfect leather tray!

High quality leather work, high quality material, even higher level customer service! The brown valet tray sitting on my light wood antique bed side table is a perfect match, and will only get better with age! Thanks

Karen Ricketts
Love it

This was supposed to be a Christmas gift but when I opened it, couldn't wait to give it to him. Love the sturdiness of it and love the special touch of his initials embedded in it. He loves it too. Thanks for a great product!

Jeff Tracey
Love it

I always enjoy a hand crafted anything especially these days of mass produced poor quality things. This wallet will out last me and I know as it breaks in it will only get better. Thank you. PS a belt is next on my list.

Lindsey Ragsdale

I can’t say enough positive things about this bag. I messaged Phee about ordering this bag in Pebbled Brown. Phee quickly checked to see if there was enough material and then constructed a truly beautiful bag. I surprised my husband with this bag for our anniversary. I knew he wanted a nice, leather Dopp kit, and I felt like this bag was the one he has been dreaming of for years. My husband couldn’t be happier with the design and quality! This bag is durable, practical, but looks beautiful. Thank you, Phee!

Madly In Love With Glengarry

I ordered a large Glengarry messenger bag for my husband’s birthday. Phee’s took the time to make sure every detail was right. The craftsmanship is of top quality, as are the materials. There is no skimping on the hardware, the design is flawless and holds all manner of laptops and accessories, with plenty of pockets and dividers. This is truly an heirloom piece, which is exactly what I was after! And my husband loves it, too 😊 They also monogrammed it for him.

Key Lanyard
Erin B
Love the keychain

This keychain is super original and sleek. Super good quality!

Unique and now well loved gift

My wife’s reaction; Soooooo pretty! She loves it and uses it daily, and that I had a small hand in the design makes it more special. It goes without saying that the quality and craftsmanship is excellent.

Amine D
Awesome wallet.

Got an email to share my thoughts, a month later, just like my previous comment still loving it.


Barry Boudreau
Quality Craftsmanship

Wallet of a lifetime. Beautifully made, great value for the price. Easily holds 8 cards in the pockets with room for cash in the clip.
Fits nicely into pants or shirt pocket.

Karen L
Bucklaw Wallet

We purchased this wallet with the Stubby keychain for our Grandson's graduation...he loved them both!! Beautiful craftsmanship and loved that the wallet could be personalized with his initials. Thank you Phee's...we are so happy with our purchase!

All the best

Amine D
Bucklaw wallet.

I just received my wallet yesterday, and I just want to say that I absolutely love it! Thank you!

Thanks for the postcard too Phee!

All the best,

High quality

Exactly what I wanted! Well-constructed, durable, and exactly as described.

Bucklaw - Build Your Own
katherine Bumstead
Family first

The only one thing that my son inlaw said it that he has no place to see his son plcture when he opens his wallet, and I understand that, my wallet has his picture when I open my wallet and that is dear to me🥰🥰🥰 love love the wallet, great to deal with another great hand made product from Canada
Thank you

Extremely high quality!

Absolutely beautiful finished product. The colours are even nicer than expected after playing around in Paint trying out different colourways! It's very professionally built and will clearly hold up to the test of time... And will continue to improve with age!

The Bucklaw is a fantastic layout for an everyday wallet that doesn't get loaded down with cards, and it's definitely worth it to build your own custom for you! Highly recommend.

Love this so much!

Highly recommend!

Ashfield Belt
Excellent belt

Very beautiful finish, great choice of tasteful hardware, top quality leather!

Very nice

Great workmanship, great package, great quality. Very satisfied.

Bucklaw - Build Your Own
Nicholas Fairbank
..just gorgeous

lovely leather, fantastic craftmanship, & awesome customisation for a truly bespoke wallet; can't recommend enough

Best wallet I've ever owned!

A wallet to me is such an integral part of my daily life that I've never truly been pleased with wallets in the past. The option to choose my preferred leather colors and stitching was definitely worth the it. This Bucklaw is exactly what I've wanted, in part because the leather colors and stitching are exactly how I envisioned. Also, because the wallet just works. The card holders are the right size, not too tight, not too loose. There are not too many card holders that the wallet feels overloaded, but more than enough for my life. The money fold is just right for Canadian bills and allows ease of insertion and removal. Like any real leather product, it only gets better with age. The texture, feel, and look all age naturally with my use, and it becomes more unique to me every day. I love this wallet. I expect it to last a long time, and we'll definitely order another if that time ever comes. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a wallet with a true craftsman feel. Something which north American culture seems to be lacking.

This is such a wonderful product. My compliments to the leather worker!

Douglas Empey
Beautiful gift

My wife and I purchased the wallet for our son's birthday. We are not sure who loves the wallet more, him or us. Great quality! great value! Now I'm hoping they will remember me on my birthday. Buy one for yourself, a friend, a love one and you will not be disappointed.

Phee's 5-Panel Hat
Alison Cowitz
Styl'in cap

I love my Phee Original canvas bag so much! I wear it stylishly everyday. I was dreaming of the perfect gift for my 82 yr old father, and thought about your Phee caps. He loves base ball caps in general, he has many in all forms of worn nastiness, and loves every one of them and is crushed if he loses any. The cap I bought is his new favourite, his new dress up cap. Thanks a bunch, it was a pleasure! Stay awesome!

Jane Bayer

This is a gorgeous wallet The leather is as soft as good be. The craftpersonship is superb. And is just wide enough to hold a passport. I plan on gifting at least two of these. And last but not least made here in Cape Breton

Rosedale Wallet

I love my new wallet. Robyn's craftsmanship is fantastic and the size is just right. I needed a wallet that would hold all my essential wallet stuff, but was still slim enough to fit into my ridiculously proportioned new handbag, and the Rosedale is perfect!

Big Bras d'Or
J F MacDonald
Very nice purse, helpful staff

My wife was very impressed with the purse. It was months ago and she still brings up how much she likes it. Seems like quality leather.

I got the navy, and asked about getting it monogramed, and the person I spoke to said it isn't very pronounced on that colour, but offered a satisfactory solution that involved them doing more work at no extra charge. The final product is very well done, and I appreciate their flexibility.

Ashfield Belt
Cortney Nock
Beautifully crafted

I bought this belt for my husband for Valentine’s Day and he absolutely loves it. The quality is second to none & you can tell how much pride went into making it. Highly highly recommend :)