Handmade leather bags.
Versatile designs for every occasion - whether you need a handbag for everyday carry, a shaving bag for weekend trips, or a backpack to travel the world -we got you covered.

What goes into making a Phee's Original Goods bag?

Our bags are made primarily with two different types of leather. The darker leather with a pebbled grain is what's called an oil tan leather and this is mostly used for the body of the bag. The smoother leather we use for straps and accents is called veg tan leather. These are both cow hides with incredible durability and age like a fine wine.

Every one of our bags starts out as a full cow hide. We begin by hand cutting the templates, sewing the necessary components on our vintage Singer 111 sewing machine, and setting all hardware by hand. This is an incredibly time consuming process but it ensures quality craftsmanship in every piece.