made in canada Brown leather cape wrap for keys on keyring
handmade brown veg tan leather wrap for keys
artisan made chocolate leather key keeper with snap
locally made Black vegtan cape wrap for keys
made in nova scotia Black veg tan leather wrap keyring
east coast made Black wrap with snap for keys
hand made veg tan leather keychain cape
hand cut tan leather keyring with snap
made in canada Natural leather cape wrap for keys

Key Cape

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Wrap your keys up and stop the jingle. No one likes sounding like a janitor.

This versatile little fellow does double duty, working as a cord wrap too, keeping the tangles at bay.

- 3-4oz Wickett and Craig Veg Tan leather

- Single snap for easy closure

- 1" annealed keyring

- Holds about 2-5 standard keys, or one cable of your choosing